In this tutorial clip we show you how it should be done the bending of the different profiles, pipes and tubes to get a good bent or shape.
The placing of rollers is very important.
You can see how to bend flat bar on its flat side and on its edge. Bending square or rectangular pipes, how to bend T and U profiles.
Examples of angle bending . Getting to know the rollers used for Stainless Steel pipes, how to bend special aluminum profiles…
Section and pipe bending machine MC150B NARGESA. Our pipe bender MC150B is designed to minimize the manufacturing cost and provide maximum performance when bending pipes and profiles. It has been manufactured for different profiles such as flat bar or bar section, T-profile, rolling U-profile, bending angle, bending solid rod, both square and round types, spiral tube or even to perform square, rectangular or round pipe in different materials: iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum. The purpose of these bending operations varies from making greenhouses, tables, chairs, car guards, doors, windows, railings, fences up to countless metal products.
The pyramidal section bending machine MC150B has been designed by our team of engineers in Nargesa for making bending works in different shapes and materials at a very low cost for the customer. The secret is the mass production of it. Many of our customers were asking us to make a bending machine at an affordable price, easy to use and strong as all Nargesa’s products. One of the main reasons for purchasing this one is not to rely on third parties to perform the bending jobs. Repeated delays caused by not depending on our own is always more expensive than an investment on our MC150B bender.

– Two drive rollers. The two lower rollers are motorized and knurled for better grip.
– Secure transmission by using flat hardened pinions.
– Diameter of axes: 40 mm.
– Useful axes length: 74 mm.
– Maximum capacity for bending round pipe: 2 inches or 50 mm.


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