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Using industrial touch screen, with the simple operation interface in English; high precision, high degree of automation and multifunctional; each action of machine is controlled by PLC programme control system or the IPC (Industrial Personal Computer).
1. Fully automatic and CNC pipe bending machine
2. Equipped with 2 servomotor programmable axis, 3 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis.
3. Feeding: servomotor drive; Rotation: servomotor drive
4. Bending: hydraulic and encoder control; Servomotor with reducer.
5. Imported hydraulic system and PLC unit or IPC.
6. Automatic lubrication system for moving areas
7. Self-diagnostic system, detecting the error immediately
8. Multiple groups pipe-bending information storage
9. Electric cabinet cooling fan and the hydraulic cooling system ensure the equipment long-time work stably under the high temperature
10. Touch screen and human/machine interface control provide user friendly operations.


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